About us

Philosophy and Values

Our intervention philosophy’s uniqueness lies in its community approach based on accessibility and humanism.

First, our offices are physically located within the community, on a busy commercial street.

They are nearby, in a location where people can go without having to face the stigma often associated with places where they had to go in the past to seek help for the person with a mental illness.

We ensure that our reception services demonstrate empathy and are respectful of human values and confidentiality.

With one phone call or visit to our offices, people are usually quickly referred to a professional, without having to go through numerous steps to access services.

The anchor points of our interventions reflect the four following premises:


a) respecting the individual and their pace;
b) the fulfilment of their potential;
c) the development of their skills; and
d) their empowerment.


All of our actions and interventions are based on the evolving needs of our clients, while respecting each person’s learning pace and personal journey.

APPAMM-ESTRIE helps the loved ones of people with a mental illness to build their resilience, which enables them in turn to develop coping skills to facilitate and improve their daily well-being.

The support measures offered are focused on developing a positive attitude towards the family situation as a whole, including strategies to cope during difficult situations.

Finally, all of these measures must help support functions to be restructured into opportunities for personal growth, and the support role to be viewed as a positive challenge.

The guiding principles that underlie our actions and interventions as a whole seek to enable the loved ones of people with a mental illness to:


a) fully play their roles as companions;
b) develop their abilities to be successful in life;
c) enjoy better everyday lives;
d) grow positively, despite the stress caused by the situations they may face;
e) become actively involved as partners in the organization of services for people with a mental illness and their loved ones, including as members of APPAMM-ESTRIE’s Board of Directors.


The goal of these principles is to pursue the ongoing improvement of their quality of life and the maintenance of a mutually respectful and healthy relationship with the person with a mental illness.

The values of the Association are founded on the importance of not exercising any discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political opinion, or social status.

All of our interventions are directly linked to the values in the normative framework and code of ethics of the Fédération des familles et amis de la personne atteinte de maladie mentale (federation of families and friends of those with a mental illness or FFAPAMM), i.e. integrity, honesty, transparency, assiduity, and respect.

APPAMM-ESTRIE works in collaboration with different partners in the community sector, public health and social services network, and other sectors (education, justice, etc.), thus ensuring that people with a mental illness and their loved ones receive the best possible services, from the perspective of complementarity.