Please note that the following text was translated from the original french wording by one of our staff members, please refer to the french version for a more accurate testimony.

Parents' testimony

We have four children, two girls and two boys, that we are really proud of. However, for the oldest amongs our sons, life had to take another turn...

He had beautiful dreams: to have a good job, a wife, children, to found something that lasts. It did not go how he wanted. He had a job, a marriage and two boys, but after six years, his wife left him.

That was the breaking point, the collapse, the rejections. Not accepting defeat, he left his job, left everything. Then came the deppressions that never end. We have tried it all to understand him, up to inviting him to sharing our home.

After a few years, we could not deal with it anymore. One of his sisters decided to make him move to Montreal. It's from worse to worse. He takes an appartment; day after day, the long distance calls never end, he takes all of his medication with alcohol... And the two-way trips to the hospitals began.

We brought him back to Sherbrooke, with his consent, to an appartment that seemed to work for him, but gave no results.

After twelve years of stress, of questions, my son-in-law sends me documentation concerning the activities of APAMM-ESTRIE. After a few meetings, I finally understand: I must not respond to all of his requests anymore. Many other stays in the hospital followed; now, he has finally been properly diagnosed, as manic deppressive.

We've come a long way that has brought us to a great freedom towards ourselves. We have taken a step back, now he knows that we're here, to love him while respecting ourselves. Currently, we receive our other children without everything turning around him. He's calmer, he accepts his illness. He has made friends that he met at Maison StGeorges, people with whom he can share his dreams, his joys and his disappointments.

Thank you to APPAMM-ESTRIE, who have toujours listened, and who brought me a great serenity.


A couple making progress.