About us

Our Mission

APPAMM-ESTRIE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a range of support services to inform, help, and equip the loved ones of people with a mental illness, to enable the former to fulfill their potential.

Mandates of APPAMM-ESTRIE:

1Provide support and information to the families and friends of those affected by a mental illness, developing means of mutual support, and help each family, and their relatives and friends, discover and better exploit their potential;

2Enhance awareness of community resources, help people optimize their use of these resources, facilitate communication with various professionals;

3Help improve the life quality of families and friends, as well as that of their loved ones who have a mental illness;

4Raise public awareness of the issues linked to mental illness and their impacts on families and friends;

5Receive donations, bequests, and other contributions of the same nature, whether in cash or securities; administer such donations, bequests, and contributions in order to promote the purposes of the corporation; organize fundraising campaigns to collect funds for charitable purposes and solicit donations for the Association.