Available Services

The diagnosis of a mental illness changes a family’s world. The rules of the game suddenly change, and apprehension and anxiety can take over.

Our mission is to support and guide loved ones in their development of new skills and knowledge by providing services adapted to their needs. We contribute to the well-being of our clients through the services described here.


Psychosocial assistance
A team of professionals can provide psychological support, information, and referrals to the loved ones of people suffering from mental illness. These are individual and/or family interventions in which the assistance is designed to help develop knowledge, improve certain skills, resolve problems more easily, and support the family in adapting to the mental illness. This service can be provided by telephone or in our offices. Meetings are scheduled in advance. The service is free of charge.

Information Activities
Monthly lecture-meetings are held for the general public to discuss and share information. The goal is to inform people about the problems involved in mental illness and to enable them to discuss with the guest speaker. Lectures are free of charge.